Finals Week


Sorry for the lull guys. Things really picked up down here in the past two weeks! June 28 was the last day of the “cuatrimestre” at UCA. That means I am finally done with those three hour-long classes that start at 7.45 am and  spending way too many pesos on photocopies. It also means that I’m pretty much done with eating delicious medialunas (sweet butter croissants). The last one is hard for me because I became a medialuna convert on Day 1 and know that it will be hard to find them in Washington, D.C.

This week has been filled with work. I don’t usually stress about academics (I’m of the belief that you should study the subjects you love so you never think of them as work), but when you  still haven’t packed, bought souvenirs for the family, finished the final touches on those fall internship applications, and your 13 hour intercontinental flight leaves on July 15, you can probably get the picture.

I have two finals next week. The first (Contemporary Political History) is on July 8 at 10 am. The second (Argentine History I) is on July 12 at noon. Both exams are oral exams. The oral part I’m not worried about. Making sure I can remember a whole semester’s worth of Argentine history (we’re talking about economic policy, war tactics, political policy, ideology, geography, and NAMES spanning from the 1500s-1880s) is enough for any American brain!

Although I read in the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post that it is blazing in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), it is still in the 50s down here in Buenos Aires. Guess hot yerba mate and online texts make for warm days! Wish me luck.

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